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Oh that's very unfortunate, since that is not happening any ideas on some new products coming soon?

Sounds great! Thank you very much Marc

Thanks Marc! I was just thinking about it one day and I realized that doing the same technique that's used in doing the vacuum stomach in a plank would be more effective since in a plank position you have to rely on your abs more than standing and I was wondering if you agree or how you fell about that philosophy 

I take a scoop of Carb 10 Pre-workout, Machine Fuel Intra-workout and a scoop of Machine Whey post-workout.

Thanks! Get to add onto my 13 tubs of MTS, I don't expect to win but i'll definitely be posting some questions about MTS!  Thank you sm for everything.

Oh, didn't know you were replying to comments other than the top 5 or so, damn you're grinding this ish out! I love it and the ambition to be the best CEO you can be, favorite role model right here

Thanks Marc! I've been watching your videos and I see you haven't answered ANY questions about your supplements, are those allowed?