Vacuum maneuver

Zac P. 7 years ago updated by Marc Lobliner 7 years ago 3

Hey Marc, So Arnold and all of these other bodybuilders go on and on about doing the suction or vacuum stomach as a core workout but in your opinion would getting in a plank position and then doing the vacuum maneuver be more effective because you rely on your core more in the plank position rather than standing up and doing the vacuum. Thanks!!


Either way, it will work the transverse abdominus, both are good!

Thanks Marc! I was just thinking about it one day and I realized that doing the same technique that's used in doing the vacuum stomach in a plank would be more effective since in a plank position you have to rely on your abs more than standing and I was wondering if you agree or how you fell about that philosophy 

The key is the transverse, and again, both hit it!