Zac P. 7 years ago updated by Marc Lobliner 7 years ago 9

How do you feel about BCAAs and when do you think they should be taken, Thank you Marc!

During a workout is the best time to have a BCAA drink.


Intra workout is the best, 2 scoops machine fuel and YES THEY WORK!!

Thanks Marc! I've been watching your videos and I see you haven't answered ANY questions about your supplements, are those allowed?


I just checked and answered every question asked here, not sure what you mean? And yours was just filmed and you won the $50. Expect an email soon

Oh, didn't know you were replying to comments other than the top 5 or so, damn you're grinding this ish out! I love it and the ambition to be the best CEO you can be, favorite role model right here

All love brother! And will be emailing tomorrow!

Thanks! Get to add onto my 13 tubs of MTS, I don't expect to win but i'll definitely be posting some questions about MTS!  Thank you sm for everything.

Do we need more BCAA's than are in the whey mix?  i should be adding additional intra supplements?

During training you want free form BCAA. Take two scoops of machine fuel during your workout.