Did I cause permanent damage from taking pro-hormones

tannerwebb10 3 years ago in Supplements updated by Marc Lobliner 3 years ago 1

Hey marc, I unfortunately took a lot of pro hormones in between the ages of 18-21. About 9 cycles to be exact. And I was stupid enough to even drink occasionally (sometimes to the point of being hammered) while taking them. I haven't taken anything at all in 3 years now and have just been putting in the work to make gains naturally. My question is in your opinion do you think I caused any permanent damage to my hormone levels or to my liver?? Sometimes I feel like I should be making better progress for the amount of work I put in and I wonder if it's because I have diminished hormone levels due to taking those bottles of false hopes. 

I would check your stuff out with a doctor to be sure, but the answer is...MAYBE. they can be very hepatoxic and some never come back from hormonal issues