Preventing Muscle Loss - Extended Length Sustained Cardio

Melissa Adams 3 years ago in Workouts updated by Marc Lobliner 3 years ago 1

Hi Marc,

Fall is knocking on our doorstep and it's time to get outside and get active (even more than we are now)! I have worked hard in the gym all Summer to make gains, but one of the activities I enjoy the most is backpacking. Backpacking is very strenuous and sustained over 8+ hours a day. While my muscles are worked, it is difficult to effectively replenish the thousands of calories burned per day. How can I help prevent muscle loss during my multiple day trips. Are BCAA's sufficient? How often would you recommend taking them while hiking. Kind of a fringe question but I appreciate you answering!

You might lose a bit, but it is worth it for the fun! If a LONG ASS TREK, I would have Machine Fuel and some Carb 10 with me to replenish!