Can GRAVITY spoil the composition of a 'Scoop/Serving' in a supp tub?

MPSK 3 years ago in Supplements updated by Marc Lobliner 3 years ago 2

Hi Marc,

Plz skip if u find this question stupid, but this has been running thru my mind for quite some time now. When I chk the 'Nutritional Info' of any pre/post/intra there s a list of compounds n their 'percentage/scoop' details. Being a supplement company owner yourself how do you make sure that this composition stays true to every scoop/serving. Meaning, every individual compound has its own density and when compounds of such varying densities are put together they tend to get sorted due to gravity inside the tub. If such sorting happens isn't it natural that the scoop from the top is not compositionallly similar to the scoop from the bottom? If, say for example, caffine gets sorted at the bottom wont my scoop towards the end of the tub will have more caffeine per scoop?

It can vary slightly. If anal about grams, use a food scale!

To expand, the ingredients should still remain in proper amounts per dose, they might just settle