Recovery days....

Daniel Tapia 3 years ago in Workouts updated 3 years ago 10

Is 5 days on alternating arms,legs,plyo still too much?  2 days off in a row.  Am I destroying my gains?

Not sure how training actually ruins gains LOL. It is so individual....it just depends. Gauge your progress and adjust if needed. 

dorian yates says if you take sandpaper to a hand and let it heal it becomes stronger.  if you take sandpaper to a hand every day you end up with a bloody wound.  i hope that isn't TOO difficult for you to understand LOL. 

the progress is there.  its the injuries and recovery times im wondering if i should continue to push through -=P

I have trained with Dorian.

You're not doing that much. I wouldn't worry about it. If recovery becomes an issue, cut back. As I said, it is highly individual. MMA guys train 8+ hours a day!

thanks.  ill just work around injury and not engage those muscle groups until they heal.

What injury? That's a new thing here LOL

at the bottom of my second post i stated "its the injuries and recovery times im wondering if i should continue to push through"

essentially when i lift heavy i have been getting some left shoulder pain and tendonitis in the left elbow.  i am working on improving form in case that is the issue.  but it seems silly to continue to try and work through that.  id rather not take complete time off but exercise around that muscle group. 

also i have been getting left calf pain (can you tell my weak side)  it has hindered my cardio.  i stopped running to let it heal but even doing box jumps, and plyo jump squats hurt it again yesterday.   it sucks but i feel i may need a week off to completely heal.

Running is HARSH! See a movement specialist if too much but you just need to train through and rehab as you go. See this:

thanks.  the only reason i am running is because i gained a lot on my last cycle.  along with that came some visceral fat so now im ready for the cutting and diet.  but of course cardio has to go with that -=[  my training partner seems to like the plyo HIRT cardio i am showing him and i agree its better on the joints than distance running.

DO NOT RUN! Do bike or stepmill. Or hill sprints are great.

will do.  great video.  we will incorporate this stuff.  thanks marc!