Endurance preparation for military along with weightlifting.

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Hi Marc, thank you for taking the time to read and answer my question.

 I have about a year left until I get my degree and submit my apllication to Naval Officer Candidate School. I'm wanting to increase my endurance with the body weight movements (push ups, pull ups, etc.) that are tested without compromising my weighted lifts too much. Other than making sure that sufficient calories are taken in to compensate for the extra volume from the calisthenics and cardio, what would be the most optimal way implement/program both? Should I reach a daily total of push ups, pull ups, and sit ups throughout the day? Or should I use it more as a "burnout set" at the end of a workout for the relative muscle group I trained that day? (Push ups at the end of a chest, shoulder, and tricep workout for an example.)  Thanks again.

- Matt

What if you weight trained in the AM and did endurance in the PM?

That's sort of what I do at the moment. I usually do my running, swimming, or cycling in the evening after weight training in the morning. For the calisthenic movements, I'm doing (in as little time possible) 100 pull ups at end of every pull workout, 200 push ups at end of every push workout, and 300 sit-ups every night before bed. I've made good progress with both weights and calisthenics, but recently I've stalled. 

Also, Fall semester is right around the corner and my time to train throughout the day will be cut as I'll be taking more classes than Summer. During that time would it be better to alternate between weights and calisthenics/cardio days? Or would that tamper with my recovery say if I did a large number of push ups the day following a push workout? Thanks

I would at least separate to morning and evening. Try the most and if too much, scale back!