How much weight should I lose to recalculate my calories?

Brick 3 years ago in Diet and Nutrition updated by Marc Lobliner 3 years ago 1

I stared at 286 a good 4 months ago with my strength low, now im at 279 and i feel my strenthg is way stronger (bench started 225lbs 5x7 now 315lbs 5x5 squat start 225lbs 5x7 now 405lbs 5x7 curl 25lbs 5x7 now 50lbs 5x7 etc.) How much more should I lose then recalculate my caloric deficit and will I lose alot of strength while trying to drop a good 40-60 lbs fat? I hear building muscle will help boost metabolism and burn more fat, am I on the right track?

Im 27 yrs


@ 279lbs

If losing fat, drop calories around 240 or so from carbs and fats (assuming protein is set at 1g/lb bodyweight) when you don't lose anything for a week. See www.dropfactorbook.com for further explanation