Keto for bodybuilding?

Matt Ramos 3 years ago in Diet and Nutrition updated by Marc Lobliner 3 years ago 1

So I just turned 30 and have been lifting for the last 7 years, recently switched to doing the ketogenic diet.  Eating 5x times a day the standard bodybuilding diet had me feeling like I was forcing myself to eat to get the meals in.  Starting keto I have lost a lot of fat over the last 3 months and feel a lot better, haven't noticed any loss in muscle but a slight decline in strength, is this just a side effect of minimal carb intake or is this something I can push through and make keto also be a viable alternative to building lean mass and increasing strength as well?  Love the channel Marc and keep up the good work. 

If it is working for you, why stop?! Here is an article on my thoughts: https://content.tigerfitness.com/what-is-the-keto-diet/