Lower back pain while running after lean mass gain!?

Daniel Tapia 3 years ago in Workouts updated by Marc Lobliner 3 years ago 1

I've put 20lbs on this last cycle.  I used to do 7:30 splits on my 5k.   I started focusing less on cardio and more on lifting.  Now when i try to run I get lower back pain that all but cripples me after about a mile.  also i'm getting some calf and shin pain. 

i use custom orthotics and proper footwear being in the orthopedic shoe business.  the only thing i can think of is all the weight i've gained.  what can i do to get my running ability back!?  will i have to lose some of this mass to be comfortable?!

It is from the added weight. I would look into foam rolling and pillar prep and go barefoot as much as you can to strengthen your feet. See How to Perform Pillar Prep and Movement Prep For Strength Training