Quick pre vacation cut

nadia_mazz 3 years ago in Diet and Nutrition updated 3 years ago 2

Hey Marc,

I'm going on a 1 week all inclusive vacation at the end of August and I was wondering if it's a good idea to do some form of a cut before. 

I'm a female maintaning at about 2000cals a day, 145lbs, 18% bf but always terrified of gaining weight.

I want to go on vacation and not always think about food and macros and just enjoy some time off. I'm not a binger and enjoy whole foods but I also enjoy a burger or dessert here and there. 

My nutritionist thinks my bf % is low enough and doesn't want me to cut and fall lower - what  are your thoughts?

If you do this, you will rebound bad and by day 2 of the vacation look worse than before. 

1) Diet sanely to lose 1-2lb a week.

2) Practice restraint and moderation on the vacation. 

This is a lifestyle, not a diet

Thanks Marc! Appreciate your response... in the end he doesn't think I really have fat to lose and is afraid I'll just burn muscle but ive been at the same bf% in the past at 138lbs instead of 145lbs ... obviously with a little less muscle mass too