Training too frequently??

Dave Hayes 7 years ago updated by Marc Lobliner 7 years ago 1

hey marc love your videos from wales uk! Ive had some serious health issues last year or so (crohns disease) but last several weeks have returned to better health.. my diet is on point, supplementation and admitting using peds. I really feel im training my ass off and im getting very quick results and hoping to compete in a few months.. trouble ive got is i sort of feel im addicted to training if this makes sense?? I sometimes go 7-10days without a day off but some days if im feeling burnt out do small things like abs,calves n cardio then feel im ok to go again.. question is will this catch up with me? Sure i read kevin levrone used to take just a day or so off afyer a week or 2 when competing?? Thanks for the great videos and im pretty sure youll answer my question that im training like a pussy to train so much haha