In my experience, it would be beneficial. For the last couple of months, I've been adhering to Marc's Drop Factor book and consuming a majority of my carbs with my pre-bed meal. I made some significant gains over the colder months, and by using the Drop Factor book principles, I've been experiencing the best cut I've ever been through. 

I also read an article written by Layne Norton where he went on to say that the body basically has the same resting metabolic rate during sleep as compared to during the day (keep in mind the key word - 'resting' as in basically just living). This was after he described some material that he read from a study that was conducted where two groups consumed the same macros, but one group had carbs during one meal only, before bed. That group actually lost more weight. Granted there are several factors to this, but it makes sense as you are only spiking your insulin levels once per day. Something to think about. 

I apologize that I am not providing links for these resources. I'd be happy to try and find them if you'd like. 

Also be sure to keep in mind that by trying to add size and minimize fat gain, you should only be gaining around 1 - 1.5 lbs per month. 

Lift on. 


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