Hi Marc. Testosterone and becoming a dad.

machrism82 3 years ago in Other updated by Marc Lobliner 3 years ago 1

Due to being a male, 5'11, 149lbs, and 34 years old. No gear but I do take Test boosters. One releases more Test. The other makes me produce more, and last one keeps it all from turning into Estrogen. I love how it makes me feel. My diet is good and intake 2,500-3,000 food calories daily, workout 4-5 days a week close to 90 minutes a day on average. My gains are decent in my opinion and would prefer to continue taking all my supplements no matter what. I've also always been a hard gainer. However. If my girlfriend and I want to try for a kid. Should I stop the Test and and anything else like pre-workout, Carnosyn, Creatine etc, etc. Any other health advice is also appreciated. 

Thank you Marc L.

Test boosters will boost test, but depending on what you are taking, it all depends. Most suck and won't do much. Insurgent and Barracuda will help you reproduce based on data.