Training around an injury.

bXbTv1 3 years ago in Workouts updated by Marc Lobliner 3 years ago 1

Hello Mark! I've been having some shoulder pain any time I perform any of my compound pressing movements. I've found a few movements that I could perform that doesn't irritate the area & I am still able to work work the muscles that I would if I were to do pressing movements. I've substituted incline & decline pressing movements Hammer Strength machine but seated to the side with shoulder leaning on the back pad. I've also subbed seated barbell press & Arnold Press with front raises. I feel no pain when doing these movements. Is it wise for me to continue to do this until it's healed or should I just rest it. Thanks in advanced. 

Don't train around it, FIX IT! Rehab the movements. Avoiding it will probably make it even worse. See a movement specialist and identify what the problem is