Fat Loss Plateau

OliverHall43 3 years ago in Diet and Nutrition updated by Marc Lobliner 3 years ago 1

Hey Marc...I love both of your channels and I really appreciate all of the free information that you provide people.

I am 5'6" and about 160-165 lbs and I am 10% BF (I had a DEXA scan 2 years ago, and my body comp hasn't changed much). I keep my diet in check (a "bro" diet as you put it) and I train hard 4-5x per week with a typical bro split (chest/tri's, etc.) in a bodybuilding style fashion (high volume), and I do HIIT cardio 1-2x per week, however my body composition doesn't ever have any noticable changes.

My question is this:

What do you recommend to get over a fat loss plateau? I would love to be in that 8% BF range to really make my abs pop. Is it as simple as doing more cardio, or is there anything else (short of gear) that could help push me over the edge?

Thank you for your time,

Oliver Hall

You have to adjust calories and/or increase cardio. See www.dropfactorbook.com for how to do this