Can everyone be shredded?

Marcelo 7 years ago updated by andy 7 years ago 2

I have never been obese but definitely have ranged from 10% to maybe 30% body fat at different times of my life.

I'm 40, I have tracked my macros and following all the dieting principles you preach for over an year.

In this period I dieted down twice and I had no problems losing 0.5 - 1 lbs per week during my cuts but at one point I just feel like I'm losing weight but my belly isn't shrinking at the same speed. Not talking about extra skin, just fat.

I wonder if being 40 and have been at 30% at same point of my life for some time makes it impossible for me to get shredded.

Thanks! Your videos are great!


You are giving up. You need to make it a lifestyle and push the diet further. 10% is not shredded. You need to live the life and stop "dieting"

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