Testosterone levels in late 20's early 30's

Doug 3 years ago in Other updated 3 years ago 2

Hi Marc, long time viewer, love your work! This is my first time sending in a question. I am 29, I've always lived an active lifestyle, track and basketball in high school, I was in the military and I've always worked physically demanding jobs. The military is what really started my drive to work out though. I've always been small, I am currently 160 at 5'9" and around 10-12% bf. My question is, I feel, especially the last few years, that my T levels are lower than normal. Who should I see for this? Is this something my normal doctor can test and or treat? Or do I need to go to an endo or some sort of specialist? Thanks for your time, and a big thank you from the veteran community for all the work you do for us!


See your doctor and get bloodwork. If low, he will refer you to an endo

Thanks Marc, I wasn't sure if it was something my gp would be able to do.