Berberine for cutting?

J.D. 3 years ago in Diet and Nutrition updated 3 years ago 2

It has been researched to aid in lowering blood sugar and consequently has potential for a fat loss regimen. As it can be synergistic just as other blood sugar lowering meals for instance to further potentiate a cutting stack.  What's your take on it and how would you use it, or would you use it alongside an ECA stack for example?

LOVE it and I explain how to use it on the Nutrient Driver page since it is in Nutrient Driver--and yes it can be stacked with Drop Factor. We do not sell ECA nor is it legal as a dietary supplement: https://www.tigerfitness.com/MTS-Nutrition-Nutrient-Driver-120-Capsules-p/1002692.htm

Awesome Marc, I have looked at a few supplements concerning fatloss/recomp anything in that arena and it would aid in a few pathways specifically just for that , further facilitates in fat loss as long as proper diet is used for sure.  Thanks again and not surprised Nutritient Driver has it in it (did not know but again says to me how legit it is).