Rebuilding Lost Muscle after a Break from Gym

T-wreck 6 years ago updated by andy 6 years ago 4

I had surgery 2 months ago & it kept me out of the gym. Definitely lost a lot of size, and I look flat as hell. I've been doing bodybuilding style training for 5 yrs & built a good foundation of size & strength (Bench 275, Squat 400, Deadlift 500+). How long will it take to start looking like I lift again? I got the OK from my doctor to get back to lifting. What are some of your observations when someone lost gains and regained them?

Oh and forgot to mention I'm a 26 year old healthy male


I had spinal fusion surgery a year and half ago at 30 years old.  While most people are still in bed 6 weeks after surgery; I was back in the gym in 10 days. The body has an amazing ability to rebound if you have invested the time into it.  With your previous fitness level; you'll find yourself getting back to a level comparable to where you were previously relatively quickly.

I recommend starting with machines and light cables first.  Start by putting tension back on your body so its starts to "remember" what its capable of.  The biggest hurdle will be mental.  Do what YOU can do and dont compare yourself to others in the gym.

Hope that helps.



Only way to find out is just do it. Go back in, progressively overload, and you'll be surpassing old PRs in no time!