Getting enough protein on a vegetarian / vegan diet

Stacey 4 years ago in Diet and Nutrition updated by Marc Lobliner 4 years ago 1

Hi Marc!  I know that you will be doing a vegan month soon (I am really, really looking forward to it and hoping you will film some days of meals, etc) and being a vegetarian (I try to eat vegan weekdays and add in some eggs and dairy on the weekends) I struggle with getting in enough protein. I eat beans, quinoa and other sources along with some MTS whey or vegan protein but would like to get the majority of my protein from real foods vs. shakes. I'm a 140 lb female and I can usually manage about 100g a day of protein with 25-30g coming from a shake per day. Any tips or suggestions?

Drink more MTS Whey or Vegan protein and try "Beyond Meat" here: http://beyondmeat.com/