Poland syndrome

Sheldon 5 years ago updated by andy 5 years ago 1

how to do trains when you have Poland syndrome or a mild case of it. 

I had to go look up Poland Syndrome; but I think I have an answer for you.  Check out nicksanto534 on instagram.  He has a rare disorder known as Hanhart Syndrome.  He was born with no legs, no hands, and one arm.  He actually trains chest harder than most guys at your gym by using some pretty cool techniques.  Mainly; he uses a plate loaded iso-press machine with his one arm; while a partner provides resistance on his other shoulder with a band or towel.  It's actually an ingenious idea that my help you as well.

If you have a mild case; just using an iso lateral machine will help you get in the volume you want without being unbalance or unsafe using a traditional flat bench press.

Best of luck.